An Overview Of The Trailer And Synopsis Of The Road

The trailer for The Road is two minutes in length and promises viewers a gritty and uncompromising movie experience. We see a bearded man with what appears to be his son. They are living in a world ravaged by extreme weather and scarce resources. The man appears to be narrating, telling us that "all the crops are long gone". We know we are in for a raw drama, the words love, hope, and survival flash across the screen in bold letters. This movie grasps the viewers interest from the trailer alone. It strikes us as intriguing - a story about basic human emotions and the challenges of a survival situation.

Starring Academy Award nominated actors Viggo Mortensen and Guy Pearce, The Road is the ultimate post-apocalyptic drama. Produced by 2929 productions, The Road was released in theatres in America in November 2009 worldwide in January 2010. It was rated R for strong scenes of violence and disturbing imagery.

The film begins with a flashback. We see the Man (played by Mortensen) in bed with his wife (Charlize Theron). He is awoken by a sudden flash. The movie then cuts to the present. America is in turmoil after an apocalyptic event wreaks havoc on the world. The winter seems to go on forever and a father and son decide to travel towards the coast in search of warmer weather. The father explains via narration that he has not seen sunny weather for a long time and that his biggest fears are hunger and cannibals.

The pair stop on their travels south to make camp for the night after an arduous day of what seems like endless walking. They get into a conversation about the son's mother, and the father explains that she is almost certainly dead. We see that the father has a revolver gun with two bullets left inside – he explains to his son how to kill himself quickly with it if necessary. The father wakes up after he hears a truck nearby and drags his barely awake son to a ditch in order to hide.. The truck contains several men, all of whom are armed and one of them notices the pair. He attacks the son, and the father shoots him in the head with one of his two remaining revolver bullets. The pair run off into the surrounding woodland and hide to avoid further notice.

The man and son return to where they set up camp after a night of hiding, hoping that the cart full of supplies they left there would still be intact. They find that everything is gone, and they also stumble upon the grim discovery of intestines and a severed head of the man who was killed by the father. We see another series of flashbacks of the father discussing with his wife about committing suicide as a family. The mother is unable to deal with the situation, while the father remains strong. The final flashback shows the mother wandering off into the freezing night with barely any clothes on, it is assumed she is walking to her death.

Back on the road, the pair notice a mansion in the distance. They enter the house and make their way down to the basement. They are horrified to see a group of prisoners in the cellar, some of them missing limbs. It is assumed their captors have been severing their limbs to use as food. The prisoners plead with them for help, and the duo are forced to fend off their advances and escape from the basement. As they escape the clutches of the desperate victims, the captives of the prisoners return home. The man and his son are forced to hide in an upstairs bathroom. Luckily, they escape before the captors find them.

They eventually reach the coast, where they are disappointed to see the beach containing nothing of use. They find a shipwrecked boat just offshore. The man decides to go inside the wreck to hunt for supplies, leaving his son in their tent. He leaves the revolver with him in case an intruder finds the tent. Unfortunately, the boy falls asleep after tiredness takes its toll. A thief finds their tent and takes all supplies, but he doesn't cause the child any harm.

The pair hunt for the thief and when they find him, the father takes all his supplies back and also the thief's clothes. The boy gets upset because the father has left the man with no clothes. They try to find him again but without any luck.

As the pair make their way through a barren town, the father is mortally wounded by an arrow to the right leg after an ambush. The film concludes with the father dying, and the child being approached by a welcoming family. He joins them, believing their claims of being "good guys".