The Road Characters: A Small Yet Brilliant Cast

Viggo Mortensen (Father, Man). Mortensen is an actor of Danish-American heritage. He is also a keen poet, musician and he enjoys painting. He was born in New York city, and he studied Spanish in college. He moved to Europe, where he worked in different jobs including truck driving, but he returned to America in the 80's to pursue an acting career. After numerous stints in theatre, his debut movie role came in the 1985 movie Witness, directed by Peter Weir. He played a variety of different roles including a guest part in popular police detective series Miami vice. Mortensen gained true global fame when he was cast as Aragorn in the blockbuster film adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien's novel trilogy, The Lord Of The Rings. He is a very linguistic person, and is fluent in three languages – English, Danish and Spanish Mortensen has one child from a previous relationship. He is currently dating Spanish Ariadna Gil.

Kodi Smit-McPhee (Boy). Kodi is an Australian actor. He has played a few major roles in movies – his best known roles are as the Boy in The Road, Owen in Let Me in, and Alexander in Dawn of the Planet of The Apes. Acting is in his blood – his father is also an actor and his sister Sianoa is an actress. His breakthrough role on the big screen came in the Australian philosophical film Romulus My Father. His performance in this movie put his name on the map of reputable child actors, and he received the 2007 Australian Film Institute Award for Best Young Actor. It was this impressive display that led him to being offered his role in The Road. Again, he played his part exquisitely, and he was nominated for a Critics Choice Award in 2010 for Best Young Actor. He has worked on a number of roles since, and his acting career looks like it will be a long and successful one. It was announced that he will take up the role of Nightcrawler in the much anticipated comic-based movie X-Men: The Apocalypse. Smit-McPhee resides in California.

Charlize Theron (Mother, Woman) is an actress from South Africa. She is a global superstar on the acting scene and has appeared in several mega-budget Hollywood movies. Her most critically acclaimed role was her portrayal of serial killer Aileen Wuornos in 2003 movie Monster for which she received an Academy Award and Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. She had a tortured childhood – her mother killed her alcoholic father out of self-defense on the family farm near Johannesburg, South Africa. She moved to Europe briefly to pursue a modelling career, but decided that acting was the road she wanted to go down. Her first significant role was as a hit woman in 1996 film 2 Days In The Valley. She then went on to give a number of impressive performances in films such as The Devil's Advocate and Cider House Rules before her stand out performance in Monster. Her display in this movie was praised as best performances in cinema history. She became a dual citizen of America and South Africa in 2007. She is a prominent figure in South Africa as an activist trying to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS among African youth.

Michael K. Williams (Thief). An American actor, Williams was lauded for his portrayal of Omar Little in HBO drama The Wire. He was noticed first by Tupac Shakur, who cast him as High Top in 1996 film Bullet. His career highlight came in The Wire where he was universally praised as witty and the most interesting gangster on television. He is distinguishable for his facial scar, which he received after a confrontation in a bar in Jamaica. He has also appeared in Boardwalk Empire.