John Hillcoat - An Australian Director To Look Out For

John Hillcoat directed The Road. He is from Australia and has also worked on directing music videos. He was born in Queensland, Australia before moving to Ontario, Canada to be reared. He was a keen artist as a kid and his paintings were displayed in the Art Galley of Hamilton.

He has a good relationship with Nick Cave, who worked as a composer for the musical score for The Road. They have collaborated for numerous other projects, including shooting music videos for Cave's band. He has also worked with the popular band Depeche Mode and legendary American country musician Johnny Cash.

His first successful film came as director for 2005 movie The Propostition. Hillcoat was quoted as saying that shooting in the Australian Outback for The Preposition was "like being on another planet". He felt it was a much tougher challenge than shooting a movie in an American desert. Apart from directing this and The Road, his other notable work as a Hollywood director came for the 2012 movie Lawless. It is an American criminal drama film set in the 1930's. The movie stars Shia Lebouf, Gary Oldman, and Tom Hardy and is based on a historical novel named The Wettest County In The World.

The movie is about three brothers who run a bootlegging business in the 1930's selling illegal moonshine in Franklin County, Virginia. They are in conflict with the new Deputy in town, Charley Rakes (played by Guy Pearce) Forrest (played by Tom Hardy) refuses to pay the cops off in order for them to ignore the illegal activities carried out by the trio. They use a gas station and restaurant as a front for their business and the movie revolves around the violent conflict between the three brothers and local law enforcement.

Lawless received a positive critical response. It was first screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2012, where it received a ten minute standing after the credits stopped rolling. Hillcoat received a nomination for the Palme d'Or for Lawless, the highest prize awarded at the Cannes festival. The Guardian weren't so engrossed by Lawless, calling it a futile exercise in macho-violence.

His next movie, Triple 9 is scheduled for release in February 2016. It is a thriller movie revolving around a challenging heist conducted by a group of criminals and corrupt policemen. Notable cast members include Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame and Woody Harrelson.